Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Audition Information

I know it's hard to find solid, good information about how the X Factor US auditions really work. And no I am not talking about the TV show ones where they walk on stage in front of Simon, Demi, Brittany, and LA. I'm talking about the 3 auditions in front of the producers of the show in the different cities (four.) (Sorry if any names are misspelled.) One more thing before I begin- it has been confirmed from what I've seen Brittany S. will not be a judge on next years (2014) X Factor.

First off, registration begins a month or so after the recent X Factor season. You will need to check the website often to get details- You can sign in your email and which city your going to get an email update from them as of when the registrations and auditions are open for the season. The first auditions that are open are the Video Auditions, which is an option so that you don't have to travel as much. You will still have to fill out all paper work when doing the video. After about  two weeks of that, the registration for the paper work will be open; this is when you download the four documents of paper work and you get all the information about what you need to bring to your audition at the city you are closest to and so on...

(Take note I will not get into all of the small details that the X Factor paper work does.)

(This information is based off of what I have researched and found and from the website itself)

Day 1: So, Day 1 is pretty much when you go to the venue of your city and this is the day you turn in your paper work and get your 'wrist band' and seat number that will be the only way you get into the auditions on Day 2. On the US 2013 paper work it said you would need to be there by 7:00 am. Be aware there will be literally HUNDREDS of people trying out there. If you can, a good spot to be picked out by the producers/cameras is on the outer sides of the line. Just saying... it also says that it is not 100% sure that you will get a wrist band or be able to tryout that day. (Which means no for that year.) Make sure to NOT lose the wrist band. Once you have gotten all the information filled out for that day and you have your wrist band you are then ready to leave. Warning; it is a VERY long wait depending on where you are in the line so take small snacks and drinks.

(Sorry if this is not exactly what you are looking for, I tried to put in most of the simple things. Please ask questions.)

Day 2: You will be coming back the next day with the information and wrist band to be seated, then get ready for your first time on the audition! As far as I've read in other's situations (it does not go into this type detail on the paper work) this is the day you meet the first producers, the style of the auditions varies in location and country- I have heard many different situations...  Another thing is, this is a TV show so you will notice bad attitude people, crazy/odd people, and severe sap stories getting through whether they have any talent whatsoever or not. Have you ever noticed the shots they show when your watching the show of the huge amount of people auditioning? That was filmed months earlier during this audition. The whole TV/Famous Judges auditions to a certain agree are 'fake' other than the judges pick who they like out of the ones selected by the shows' producers. I mean, you have to say the show wouldn't be half as emotional and HILARIOUS without the crazy weirdo's, or the sap stories, or the delusional talent and ego's- but you never hear about what really goes on behind and before all of this. Which is these auditions.

Day 3: So, you come back IF you made it through those auditions... this is when you go back to the arena and do the final producers auditions. They separate groups into four sections, they say it doesn't matter which section you are put into because they are randomly called out. If you make it through this, you will have additional paper work to fill out and you will be on your way to auditioning for the TV Judges!

(Please ask questions I may not have filled out properly in this blog. If I have written any false information please comment! I would love you know more myself! Thank you so much!)

READ- We're One Verse, a female duet of Hannah White and Jacqueline Cantwell! We'll be auditioning for X Factor 2014 Season 4! Can not wait!


  1. Do you know whether you have to have multiple songs prepared for all the auditions, or is it the same song? (sorry if this sounds stupid)

    1. yes, you should, at least have about 3 songs, so 1 favorite song, and 2 in reserve. if the producers ask you if you can sing something different, or a different style of song, because that can happen.

      they can ask you to sing something different, so make your 3 songs or more, of slightly different styles of music if possible!, it is all about being prepared in advance really.

      found these guides useful.

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  2. How old are you? (: Not in a creepy way cx

  3. Do you guys want another member for your group???

  4. Hi I am Felicia Kimble I am 18 I live in Madison South Dakota and I want to Audition for the X Fator. this has been a Dream for me an I would love to try out for it. I am real scard but I am willing to give it a shot an go for it. I have a great song to sing and I have been working so hard day an night for this!

  5. hi I am a girl from Asia and I desperately would love to take an on line audition. Is it available to take part in though I don't live in the US of I'm not the US citizen?
    And could u plz tell me how to I can do for this (I mean sth like application...) Please reply to me and thank you;)